Private Relationships vs Public Relations

Private Relationships vs Public Relations

Public relations is a concept that professional businessman are aware of and has helped companies to grow up. In contrast to this concept, there is another issue that I recently discovered its importance. "Private relations", I will share this discovery at this post.

First before continuing the post, Let me suggest the book, "The End of Advertising as We know It", written by the Public Relations Director of Coca-Cola Company. In this book you will learn more about the subject of public relations. The subject I do not want to address in this post. Just as a short description, public relations represents how to establish a two-way relationship between companies and customers. A relationship that leads to a mutual understanding between company and customers and the result is better products for customers and loyal customers for companies.

What I want to talk in this post is a concept I have called it "private relations". A concept that expresses the relationship between the company and its employees. And of course I do not mean things that are usually the responsibility of the company's human resources. It's better to point out, with some examples.

A) A glass room with speaker

One of the projects we were working on it at the company was designing of a smart camera. Our plan was connecting this camera to the Hinava application. The initial plan was to program and design the body by ourselves. After a while, we realized that we needed more time than estimated one. So we decided to use Chinese cameras in the first version. That's why we imported some samples from China and we began testing them. When I posted the photos of cameras on the Instagram, my friend, who is also our Android programmer, asked me through Telegram, "Our plan was designing camera by ourselves, Isn't it?"

And that was an important sentence for me. I asked myself why our company's employee was unaware of what we had decided upon at the level of the managers? Our tables are not more than 3 meters apart, but to know this issue, social networks that are more than three meters apart were used!

A developer who is unaware of the developments in the company, will loss his emotional relationship with the company, emotional lost result less energy, lost energy result a bad product and bad product means we have nothing to continue!

I advise not only to do your work in glass rooms, but also to let others know about it with a speaker! Maybe someone does not observe the glass room so help him\her to understand it. Send positive energy to everyone and get it back by this strategy.

Do your work in a glass room with a speaker


B) Just Show the destination, There is no need to set the road

Suppose I call the developer and tell him to write an application with a designed appearance and functionalities. Next, I will schedule a timeline for him, and I will deliver the project from him at milestones. After delivery of the project, I give it to the client without any involvement of the programmer, and I will give him another job.

At the opposite, suppose I call the developer, and after eating some croissant with tea, telling him that customers have asked us a new product. What do you think about it and asking him to write a plan to develop it. Then leave it to do every thing he want to complete the task, because I know he will pass the road himself and of course he knows how to pass the road better than others.

Before telling my choice is the second option! I would like to say that, incidentally, I believe that business management should be royal, and democracy is not suitable for business . Any way the second option does not contradict this statement. Yes, the second option will lead to better results for the company, product, customer and employees.

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